Karambolové cue BLUE Standard

Karambolové cue BLUE Standard
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CodeCC-MZ-S-8ProducerMojmír Žídek CuesWarranty24 months
Quality karambolové cue from the Czech manufacturer Mojmír Žídek - Český výrobce karambolových tág - Mojmír Žídek

Series STANDARD - monochrome theme

Application: karambolové technical disciplines - free, cadres, indirect and play on 4 ball

Overall length: 141 cm

Weight: 480-490 g

A two-piece cue is a wooden thread

Guaranteed 100% straight cue

Spice (top cues)

Length of spike: 68 cm

Material: maple wood (painted)

Underwire (ferulle): BOND + diameter 11.0 mm,

Leather bonded Le Profesional (Tweeten Fibre Co.. INC. U.S.) diameter 11.0 mm. Link to substitute bonded leather , spare glued laminated leather

BUTT - bottom (bottom cues)

Material: Beech (4 x varnished)

At the bottom of the cue is attached protective rubber bumper. Protects your cue to impact on the ground.

The tag also offer spare spokes Mojmír Žídek - Maple Spice or Spice Habrová

Recommended compatible accessories for karambolovému tag:

The lower part of the cue is appropriate to supplement the object snap the rubber sleeve . This prevents accidental slip cue in hand tempování and very striking.

Top karambolového cues is needed to keep the most clean and slippery. The cleaning wooden spike used different mechanical and chemical products. Everything is in the category of cleaning cues . Only with a very smooth sliding top players still achieves the same stretch at impact.

The most important part of the cue is glued to the skin. Only that touches the ball and transmits all the energy cues, false, cheat sheets and náběžníky. Correct shape you will achieve ideal performance. The newly glued skin must first called "sit". Mostly flattens out and the circuit exceeds the skin over white bones. The skin is the need to re-cut and compare the shape and direction of the bra. It used the cutters skin .
Important is also the correct curvature of the skin. To accomplish this goal nerůznějšími sharpening and shaping skin.

Very important is the choice of a suitable billiard cue chalk. Various abrasive ingredients prevent the skin prosmeknutí karambolovou ball. We offer a wide range of chalk on the cue .

Cue is good to keep in a dry place and not exposed unnecessarily large differences in temperature and sunlight. Preferably in a suitable container. We offer a wide range of cases, boxes and tubes for cues.
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