Carom Billiards BOND 160

Carom Billiards BOND 160
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Carom Billiards BOND 160
Carom Billiards BOND 160
Carom Billiards BOND 160
Carom Billiards BOND 160
Carom Billiards BOND 160
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CodeCS-DIPL-K210ProducerCS Billiard s.r.o.Warranty3 years
  • Sleek modern pool table that fits in fine dining, gaming and home. Carom Billiards BOND fitted cover plate can be used as a dining, work or office desk. CS Billiard s.r.o. - přední český výrobce kulečníkových stolů
  • The material: nets, hips, legs - solid, solid steel structure with a height-adjustable screws for precise balancing slate boards. Solid oak wood used. On request, beech, ash, teak, etc. (not a veneer core plywood).
  • The playing surface is billiard slate board . Slate is the only approved material European and international organizations billiard CMBS , CEB , EPBF .
  • Balancing billiards - Model BOND has two balancing first expansion rotating handle hidden in all billiard second legs adjusting screws to help lift the board billiard table. The exact balance provide mechanical level with an accuracy of 0.15 mm/1m.
  • On a billiard table BOND you can place the cover plate and thus create multifunctional dining or work table.
  • As a further extension offer ping pong board , which has classic racing dimensions.
  • U karambolových table cloth is delivered OPAL Green. Other brands or colors according to customer's request. Picking colors karambolových canvases can in our color chart karambolových suken
  • Vzornik karambolových suken
  • Wide color offer pool tables by the customer. Browse and choose in our color chart massive billiards
  • Vzorník barev masivních kulečníkových stolů

      For each ordered billiards from us you get FREE:
    • basic accessories - balls, 2 cues, billiard chalk 5x
    • moving, professional installation and leveling pool table
    • vocational training and maintenance information billiard cloth, balls, cues and other accessories
    • sample game 4-fold champion of the Czech Republic billiard game
    • 20% discount on subsequent service billiards (replacement screens on the board and Rail
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    VýrobceCS Billiard s.r.o.
    Size of the board Snooker: 160 x 80 cm

    Overall dimensions of billiards: 190 x 110 cm

    Height playing billiards area: 76 cm (optional negotiated 74-78 cm)

    The board - Italian slate class I.

    Karambolové canvas: OPAL Carom Green (every other colors on request)

    Kvalitní Italská kulečníková břidlicová deska
    DescriptionTechnical parameters