Skittles COMPLETE, construction epoxy, oak bowling

Skittles COMPLETE, construction epoxy, oak bowling
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Russian skittles hanging garden - construction powder coated + oak bowling a ball

The set is suitable for interior and exterior (indoor and outdoor)


- Highly stable without anchoring to the substrate
- Construction can stand on grass, carpet, paving, concrete, etc.
- The construction is finished with a black powder coat - KOMAXIT ©
- Part of the design is a loop for attaching the chain
- Quick and easy assembly and disassembly
- Installation design simply flat wrench 13-17 Plochý maticový klíč 13-17


- Playing surface is on the bottom side bolted to the structure
- Any simple exchange for a new pitch
- The playing surface is made ??of waterproof plywood intended for outdoor use
- On the board is attached special artificial grass JUTAGRASS © s body for bowling
- Glued rubber washers accurately characterized and defined by the position of pins

Skittles and ball

- Part of the set is 8 + 1 pin oak oak king (increased weather resistance)
- The king who stands in the middle of the field is marked with a crown
- Height 38 cm bowling ball is 17 cm wide
- Vintage lacquered beech wood


- Part of the set is plated chain
- On each side of the chain are carbines for quick attachment
- A large carabiner used to attach the chain to the construction
- A small carabiner is hanging on playing ball
- According to the conditions and slope design can be small carabiner adjust the length of the chain

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garden hanging Russian skittles
- Manufacturer's Billiard CS sro

Skittles RULES (PDF)

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