Billiard timer TIMER, B16 POOL

Billiard timer TIMER, B16 POOL
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Billiard Poole TIMER B16

Timer 16 pool balls is an elegant solution to charge customers money for billiard game.
The Timer 2 keys one for you to default settings and the other for the operator, who Timer only opens and passes the ball to the customer.
The owner sets it wishes CZK for one hour of play. For example, you set CZK 60 (Or how much you yourself choose)
After opening the Timer service and delivery of balls right on the money Timer will begin to accept it. First CZK 1 minute, one minute 2Kč, etc.
The customer or the operator can always see how much money is currently being recorded.
After returning all the balls on the tray and close the Manual Timer timer is stopped and the lights on it final amount payable by the customer. (Must return all balls or Timer can not close!)
When he wants to play another player, Timer count starts again from the beginning.
Timer remembers the sum of all games played.

Example: happened in a week 30 hours and 26 minutes. It makes the total sum of money 30x60 + 26 = 1826 CZK
The amount of CZK 1,826 to the operator is required to pay and you his key Timer to delete and start from scratch. How often do you check the Timer is up to you.
The operator may at any time using two special buttons to see what is so far a total recorded since the last settlement and clear the timer. It is used to transfer money between selected shifts.
However, the operator Timer can never be erased!!

Timer can be connected on a billiard lamp. The lamp will be lit only when
the Timer opened.

In Timer Battery lasts about 8 years old

Everything about snooker - timer setting

The need for programming turn left key to the "instalations." Followed by six options for programming.

  1. The state
  2. Unit price game
  3. Designation currency
  4. Minimum amount received
  5. The hourly rate I
  6. Hourly rate II (club)

To change programs (1-6) used the "tariff" for a change in the individual points are used hidden buttons "+" and "-".

First The condition (c ......... 354)

The letters "C" are the numbers that show the overall status since the last counter reset. State of the counter should be multiplied by the set "Price unit game." This counter remembers 0-99999 games. To reset the status, press "-" button.

Second Unit price games (ooo. ........ 1)

This is the amount of money per time interval game. The options are from 0.09 to 100 This value indicates what kind of unit (in CZK) will increase Played amount. For the setting, use the "+" and "-". In Section 3 we get by pressing the "tariff".

3rd Designation currency (ooo. ........ P)

This symbol is displayed on the amounts to be recovered from the player. There are the following symbols: C, D, E, F, L, P, S, T, Y or no icon is not used. Choose icon is carried out using the "+" and "-". In Section 4 we get by pressing the "tariff".

4th Minimum amount received (oo. ......... 1)

It is a fixed amount that is immediately credited to the counter. Once the box is opened with the balls You can set up to 15 different values. Best, however, proved, if the tentoparametr set to the same value as that set "Price unit game."

5th The hourly rate I (o .......... 50)

Here we set the desired rate for one hour of play on the billiard table. Eg. 50, - CZK / hour.

6th Hourly rate II (club) (o ......... 50)

This rate is used for club players. It can be set lower than the rate I. However, if you do not have confidence in your service staff, it is better to keep this rate at the same rate as the rate I.

Detailed instructions: Timer settings 16B 1 page (pdf), page 2 (pdf), the involvement Timer for billiard lamp - drawing (. jpg)
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