Karambolové Super Aramith Tournament balls 61.5 mm

Karambolové Super Aramith Tournament balls 61.5 mm
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Karambolové Super Aramith Tournament balls 61.5 mm
Karambolové Super Aramith Tournament balls 61.5 mm
Karambolové Super Aramith Tournament balls 61.5 mm
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CodeBG-204ProducerAramith SALUC S.AWarranty24 months
Karambolové Super Aramith ® Ball Tournament was created in the late 80th years for better recognition on television broadcasts. Three bright modern colors.

WARNING: SUPER quality balls Aramith ® is the same as the Super Aramith balls karambolových ® DeLuxe!

  • Super Aramith balls carom ® Tournament
  • Set includes 3 balls
  • Classic racing ball size 61.5 mm
  • Modern design, better color resolution in TV
  • Manufacturer: Saluc SA (Belgium)

Investing in quality
Perfectly round and balanced - uniform weight and hardness, brilliant colors, resistant to friction - just a few of the key features that have received balls Aramith ® global reputation for the best. ® Aramith balls are internationally approved for tournaments and championships.

The return to investment
® Aramith phenolic balls last up to 5 times longer than other balls made ??from polymers or polyester. Tests on the simulator left no doubt: Aramith ® billiard balls are still perfectly playable even after 400,000 hits, whereas others had already depreciated. No wonder they are the logical choice for both commercial and private operators billiard tables.

Energy-saving investments
Thanks to its extremely long service life Aramith ® guarantees the lowest cost over time. Extra hard phenolic surface treatment significantly reduces burn spots on the baize and salaries. Less stains nose of the cushion. Save time and money!

Sensible investments
Aramith ® Ball used racing gamers. Improves image quality and playing characteristics. Due to its popularity generate greater profits for commercial use. Thanks to its long-term durability and ability to protect the baize, reducing operating costs.

VýrobceAramith SALUC S.A
Aramith ® fenoliková resin - what's the difference?

Heavy Duty design The robust design Heavy Duty design
Unlike polyester resin fenoliková is highly resistant to high load, while the balls in each of the same density.
Perfectly balanced core balls still provides the same run-balls without the slightest vibration.
Use of the phenolic resin guarantees homogeneous properties in each of the ball. Billiard balls of phenolic can withstand pressure of more than 5 here.

Aramith Burn Spot Resistant Resistant to high temperatures
during heavy hit by the cue ball accelerates from 0 to 30 km for a fraction of a second. When the friction ball on the baize easily climb temperature short time up to 250 ° C. The molecular structure of balls made ??of phenolic resin is designed to withstand these high temperatures, and have the least possible obrušovala the cloth. Balls retain their high gloss, smoothness and excellent game Aramith Burn Spot Resistant

Aramith Balls High Impact Resitance High resistance to impact
Because most powerful punch cue is the essence shoot at the pool, it is also a critical moment when the ball suffer the most. Thermally cured resin fenoliková Aramith ® stabilizes the voltage of the material. High density material nzaručuje maximum strength at ball impact. Tests showed more than 50-fold resistance balls Aramith ® than other balls made from polymers or polyester. There are also 2 more resistant to scratches. They are also far more resistant to mechanical damage of the fall in the pockets of pool, snooker transit mechanisms, blows and harsh ingredients cue chalk on the cue. Aramith Balls High Impact Resitance
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