Simonis billiard cloth X1 cleaner and cloth

Simonis billiard cloth X1 cleaner and cloth
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For regular maintenance of the board, ie the removal of chalk dust, you will no longer need the traditional brushes, or daily use vacuum cleaners that can damage a substance whose use is therefore impractical. We specially developed cleaner cloth Simonis X-1, which very gently and deeply extracted chalk dust cloth and keep it in its high quality for a long time. Very easy to use.

Use Simonis X-1

The Simonis X-1 works with static electricity and capillary action. For this reason, it is very flexible and fast. Just move here and there, and not excessive pressure that would be necessary to develop for optimum efficiency standard brush.

Simonis X-1 has a high absorption capacity and is able to easily pick up dust from the chalk in half its textile structure. Once Simonis X-1 already seems to hold chalk, all you have to do is release the dust absorbed high-tech structures to restore its original efficiency.

To do this, we recommend:

Be the vacuum textile structure or content of the beat by tapping gently with your hand. NEVER X1 knocking on a hard surface could be damaged. NEVER clean X1 textile structure of liquids. Traces colored chalk on textile structure is normal and does not diminish the effectiveness of cleaning.

finition Utilisation

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