The adhesive on the skin LOCTITE 401

The adhesive on the skin LOCTITE 401
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The adhesive on the skin LOCTITE 401
The adhesive on the skin LOCTITE 401
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CodeN-3061ProducerLOCTITEWarranty24 months
Loctite 401 instant adhesive designed for bonding difficult to bond materials which require uniform stress distribution and strong tension and shear. Super glue stick in a thin gap in seconds, while the glued joint is characterized by perfect look.

Loctite 401 provides rapid bonding of a wide range of materials, including leather, whalebone, metals and elastomers. It is particularly suited for bonding porous or absorbent materials such as wood, leather and fabric. It is great to use as an adhesive skin for cues.

Technical parameters:

It also comes in packaging: 3g
Viscosity: 110 [mPa.s]
Maximum Gap: 0.15 [mm]
Temperature resistance: - 40 to + 120 [° C]
Wood material: neoprene, rubber, ABS, PVC, polycarbonate, phenol, wood, fabric, leather, paper

Handling shear strength [N/mm2]

On steel: 17-24
At ABS for: 7-9
On polycarbonate for: 7-11

Speed ??fixation [s]:

On a steel: 20-45
At ABS for: 1-2
On polycarbonate for: 5-10


Technology: cyanoacrylate
Appearance: Clear, colorless to straw colored liquid
Components: one component
Viscosity: low viscosity
Cure: moisture
Applications: Bonding

Instructions for assembly, disassembly and cleaning, see product data sheet. MSDS Loctite 401 on request.