Universal cue Cues - Cubes

Universal cue Cues - Cubes
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Universal cue Cues - Cubes
Universal cue Cues - Cubes
Universal cue Cues - Cubes
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Cue with pictures házcích playing dice with white wrap Kulečníková Tága UNIVERSAL Cues

- Two-piece pool cue with universal screw skin
- Simple and quick replacement screw cuticle
- Cost-effective universal cue for budget gamers
- Cue raminového is made ??of wood, surface coating
- Universal cue length - 146 cm.
- Spice (shaft) universal cue to screw the skin with plastic thread with a diameter of 12 mm and plastic whalebone in which the skin is screwed
- Cue has a metal brass thread
- The rear of the cue (butt) has a grip portion "wrapping" - len
- At the bottom of the cue is attached rubber protection against damage when it hit the ground

We recommend to karambolovým and poolovým players who seriously engage in play to get their cues picked directly into the category cues to the game intended. Players choose billiard cues karambolová . Players pool cues pooled . Racing cues have bonded leather and have special weight, length and profile turning to the game.
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