White balls Aramith 60.3 mm, pool billiards

White balls Aramith 60.3 mm, pool billiards
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CodeBG-101ProducerAramith SALUC S.AWarranty24 months
The cue ball pool billiards 60.3mm

- Separate spare pools white sphere with a diameter of 60.3 mm "automatovka"
- This ball is used in billiards "machines" that have a system of passing ball with a resolution size balls.
- 60.3 mm white ball roll off somewhere else other than color pocket billiard balls with a standard diameter of 57.2 mm
- CAUTION: standard diameter pool balls is 57.2 mm
- Material: hardened polyester
- Produced by Aramith Saluc

VýrobceAramith SALUC S.A