Carom Billiards MAGIC

Carom Billiards MAGIC
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Carom Billiards MAGIC
Carom Billiards MAGIC
Carom Billiards MAGIC
Carom Billiards MAGIC
Carom Billiards MAGIC
Carom Billiards MAGIC
Carom Billiards MAGIC
CodeCS-EMIN-KProducerCS Billiard s.r.o.Warranty3 years
• Pool table Magic is a shape very similar to the model MODUS but thanks to the materials used, the cost better. Simple, but very stable and visually powerful design fits into all interiors and rooms.
  • Cushions, hips karambolového MAGIC table are made ??of laminate. Massive solid legs are made Kulečník pro Vás vyrábí a dodává firma CS Billiard s.r.o. of spruce wood. The surface is treated and painted in the same color as the laminate. An important part of pool MAGIC is a massive steel structure with height-adjustable screws.
  • The carom are karambolové wishbone rubber cushions TBS line.
  • The playing surface is billiard slate board . Slate is the only approved material European and international organizations billiard CMBS , CEB , EPBF .
  • Balancing billiards - Model MAGIC balancing the screws on the metal support frame to help lift the board snooker table. The exact balance provide mechanical level with an accuracy of 0.15 mm/1m.
  • As a further extension offer ping pong board , which has classic racing dimensions.
  • For those interested in the universal pool table, wanting to play billiard and pool table offer for poolovému karambolovou insert or the entire laminated frame the exchange karambolové rinks
  • U karambolových table cloth is delivered OPAL Green. Other brands or colors according to customer's request. Picking colors karambolových canvases can be in our color chart karambolových suken
  • Vzornik karambolových suken

  • Wide color offer billiards. The basic color of the pool table - oak rustic. Other colors on request. Browse and select the large swatch lamin KRONOSPAN Vzorník barev kulečníkových stolů Kronospan
    • For each ordered billiards from us you get FREE:
    • basic accessories - balls, 2 cues, billiard chalk 5x
    • moving, professional installation and leveling pool table
    • vocational training and maintenance information billiard cloth, balls, cues and other accessories
    • sample game 4-fold champion of the Czech Republic billiard game
    • 20% discount on subsequent service billiards (replacement screens on the board and Rail)

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    VýrobceCS Billiard s.r.o.
    Height playing billiards area: 76 to 77 cm

    The board - Italian slate class I.

    Karambolové canvas: OPAL Carom Green (every other colors on request)

    Kvalitní Italská kulečníková břidlicová deska
    DescriptionTechnical parameters