Carom Billiards IRON 160

Carom Billiards IRON
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Carom Billiards IRON
Carom Billiards IRON
Carom Billiards IRON
Carom Billiards IRON
Carom Billiards IRON
Carom Billiards IRON
Carom Billiards IRON
Carom Billiards IRON
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CodeCS-NEOS-K160ProducerCS Billiard s.r.o.Warranty3 years

• Modern, clean, smooth, simple ..... so i can mark our new model IRON. Interesting combination of steel and wood, using the cover plate completely replaces the classic dining table or office desk. Awesome combination of fun and functionality.
• Wood cushions are made ??of solid oak or ash wood. On request other types of wood - oak, pine, spruce, teak, jatoba, etc.
• For pocket billiard table are triangular rubber cushions Buffalo. The billiard are used karambolové wishbone rubber cushions Speed ??Ball Pro.
• The board Snooker: Italian slate board. Slate is the only approved material European and international organizations billiard CMBS, CEB, EPBF. On request it is possible to place the slate plate electric heater.
• Balancing billiards is carried concealed screws in the legs billiards. Follow the correct final balance shall be fixed adjustment screws under the game board slate billiards table. The exact balance provide mechanical level with an accuracy of 0.15 mm/1m.
• We can put on a billiard table cover plate and thus create multi-functional dining table or desk.
• As a further extension offer ping pong plate that has a classic racing dimensions.
• For those interested in the universal pool table, wanting to play billiard and pool table offer for poolovému karambolovou insert
• U of pool billiard cloth is delivered EUROSPEED Yellow Green. Other brands or colors according to customer's request. Picking colors of pool paintings can in our chart of pool suken

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VýrobceCS Billiard s.r.o.

Velikost hrací plochy kulečníku: 160 x 80 cm

Celková rozměry kulečníku: 199 x 119 cm 

Výška hrací plochy kulečníku: 74 - 76 cm (na přání 72 cm, celková výška s krycí deskou bude 78 cm - perfektní jako jídelní stůl!)

Hrací deska - Italská břidlice I. class 

Kvalitní Italská kulečníková břidlicová deska

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